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Colorantes Industriales is a leading company in dyes and chemicals for the Leather and Textile industries, with an eye always on innovation and the respect for the environment

A globally operating company exporting worldwide.

Colorantes Industriales was founded in Barcelona in 1983 as a company specialized in dyes for the Leather and Textile industries.

Colorantes Industriales, with its worldwide presence, is today a leading player in the Leather industry and a reference company in the Textile sector.

In 2001 the company centralized its activity in Castellbisbal, on a 14,000 mq land at 15 km from Barcelona, where a modern plant was built gathering together the offices, the production line, the laboratory and the warehouses (2.300 mq).

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The basis of the product development and quality control


Eco-friendly and certified Chemical Products.

Our technology

Chemicals for Wet and Finishing

Colorantes Industriales offers a wide range of products covering all the stages of the tanning process. Wet chemicals for beamhouse, tanning and retanning as well as finishing chemicals including polyurethanes, acrylics, binders, oils, waxes lacquers, pigments and all type of auxiliaries and chemicals for textiles.

Everything is manufactured in the Castellbisbal facilities, in reactors and mixers ranging from 500 kg to 12 tons. All integrated into an automated system that ensures consistent product quality through an extensive and continuous monitoring of the process.


The range of colors for leather and textiles is very broad and covers all the markets (Furniture, Upholstery, Automotive, Footwear, Accessories and Clothing) and their needs.

With a deep understanding of the leather and textile industry, our technicians give advice and personalized solutions to worldwide clients.

Our laboratory

Our Laboratory of 600 mq is considered of vital importance in the structure and philosophy of the company.

The modern equipment and qualified personnel are at the basis of the product development and the quality control from raw materials to the final product.

As a natural extension of the laboratory a highly equipped Application Department has been installed including big drums, pistol cabins for finishing, a roller, a press and all the needed tools to meet clients’ needs and guarantee the highest quality standard.

Our worldwide presence

Currently we are exporting to more than 40 countries all over the world, which represents more than 70% of our business.
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